Our Subaru Vehicle Upgrade Program gets you more for less

We're excited to announce our new vehicle upgrade program. We've made some big changes to our process to make it easier and more convenient than ever to trade in your Subaru and upgrade to a brand new 2021-2022 model. We have a dedicated Subaru vehicle upgrade team to help you along the way. We'll work with you to discuss all your options and then you make the best choice for you; no hassle, no pressure and no time wasted.

What is the Subaru Vehicle Upgrade Program?

Simply put, the best upgrade program we've ever had. We've been successfully upgrading customers for years now. However, with some recent tweaks to our process it's now easier than ever and we're upgrading at our highest rate yet. As winners of the prestigious Subaru Love Promise Customer & Community Commitment Award three years running, we have gained the trust of our customers with some of the highest Subaru customer satisfaction scores in the country. It's all attributed to our no hassle, no pressure approach with full transparency. Here is a real example from this year:

The steps are laid out below as to what you can expect from this program. It's designed to solely help you gather all the information you'd need to make an informed decision about your upgrade. Customers have loved being able to get the latest safety, technology and comfort features while keeping their payments the same or even lower. And it's not just for leasing. This program works well with finance and cash deals.

What are the steps to the TradeUp program?

There are no set timeline of events, we're very flexible. Do as much online as you'd like or as much in the store as you'd like. Do the first step or two and then think about the rest; we'll be here when you're ready. Timing is important based on how many payments you have left so we do recommend speaking with someone on our team sooner rather than later. Below is a general track of events that you can expect:

Step 1: Vehicle Acquisition Evaluation

First step is finding out what your vehicle is worth / how much equity is in it. We offer our customers the ability to use 3rd party trade-in tools to value their trade. It all starts with a quick and painless evaluation. All values provided are pending a vehicle inspection of course. We'll provide a fair and accurate vehicle acquisition amount and then you decide if you want to sell it to us or trade it in as part of an upgrade.

Step 2: Qualification Evaluation

We'll evaluate if you qualify for our upgrade program by discussing with you how much your vehicle is worth and how much equity is in it. About 75% of our customers so far have qualified to sell us their current Subaru or end their lease early and keep their monthly payments the same with no additional down payment! Whether you leased or financed and even with numerous payments left, you still may qualify. This isn't referring to qualifying for credit, rather qualifying for the Upgrade Program based on the equity in your current vehicle. You can however save time at home by filling out this form to pre-qualify for financing.

Step 3: Needs Analysis & Upgrade Recommendation

We want to understand what you're looking for in your next vehicle. Our award-winning Subaru Consultants will help you choose your next vehicle if you're unsure. Now that Subaru has a wider range of models, including the all-new 3-row SUV Subaru Ascent, you may not be upgrading to the same model, but rather a bigger one for a growing family. It's here where we'll discuss the numbers and what makes sense for you, under full transparency. There are no hidden fees. You see what we see and there are a lot of options including rolling payments into the next lease, rolling the taxes into the payments, etc. We work with what you're comfortable with and you spend your money how you want and can.

Step 4: Complete the Key-to-Key Exchange!

It's that simple, we hand you the keys to a brand new Subaru and take yours, most of the time for the same payment or even less!

Equity is Key!

Most customers will think this is just a marketing thing, but it's not. That's why not everyone qualifies. And the key is your equity. It's a buzzword in the industry and most dealership use it incorrectly in advertising. For us it's simple. It's what makes the upgrade possible on a lease, finance and cash deal. And we'll fully go over that with you.

What are the benefits to upgrading my car?

Truly, the benefits to trading up your current car for a new Subaru are nearly endless:

  • That "new car smell"
  • A safer, more modern vehicle
  • The best new technology and comfort features
  • Similar or lower monthly payments
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Standard All-Wheel Drive (on Ascent, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, WRX, and Crosstrek models)
  • Enjoy similar financing opportunities to those that you currently pay for

Why Should I Upgrade If I Like My Current Car?

If you owe nothing on your current vehicle, and you're completely satisfied with it back to front, then there may not be a reason for you to trade it in. We can still provide you with helpful information so that you know your options. But if you're still making payments on an out-of-style, out-of-date, or under-performing vehicle--why not get into something better for the same payments? You'd be surprised how many customers simply want to change the exterior color of the vehicle on a short upgrade. We can help with all forms of upgrades!

Sometimes it just makes financial sense. Like if you're trending to be over mileage on your lease, we'll let you know so that you can avoid the lease end penalty which could be thousands!

Or if your vehicle is out of warranty and you don't realize how much you're paying on maintenance, service and repairs. It could make sense just from that stand point to get a new vehicle with the Subaru standard warranty.

What's the Catch?

If you can find a catch, you'll have to let us know! We're just here to help drivers get an amazing deal on a great new car while increasing our quality pre-owned inventory. We haven't won the prestigious Subaru Love Promise Customer & Community Commitment Award three years running by allowing 'catches' into our marketing to our valued customers. It's a no-brainer for most, but a lot are hesitant to even speak with us about it because they think it's a gimmick. With our full transparency, no hassle, no pressure - the worst that will happen is you'll find out what your vehicle is worth and we'll kindly let you know if you qualify or not for a straight upgrade. It's that simple.

Ok, I'm Interested--How Do I Get More Information?

Fill out the TradeUp form or come by our brand NEW state-of-the-art showroom. We'll help to get you started. At All American Subaru we do business like you do business. Whether that's an in-person experience where we tackle everything all at once, or online communication to build a relationship, we're flexible enough to meet a wide range of needs. And that's why we're proud to offer our All American Vehicle Exchange Trade Up Program, open to all Subaru drivers.

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