Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is unlike anything else on the road--we tell you why


If you've ever wondered exactly what it is that sets Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive System apart from other technologies on the market, we've got the answers.

And even if you've been in the group of drivers in Old Bridge, Staten Island, Edison and Somerset who say:

"I don't need AWD, I have snow tires!"

"All-Wheel Drive is only for bad drivers!"

All AWD is the same!"

You might just find that this changes your mind.

How It Works

At its core, Symmetrical AWD works so well because it reacts in real time to prevent slippage, instead of waiting until you're already in trouble to respond. Unlike competing technologies from brands like Honda and Toyota, Subaru all-wheel drive has been engineered from the ground up to provide appropriate power and torque to all four wheels, all the time.

Even though it has a "front-wheel bias" (power is usually directed more toward the front wheels than the back) this intelligent system ensures that the right tires have the right amount of power.

How Symmetrical AWD Benefits You

While it's absolutely true that AWD cars and SUVs perform well in rain, snow, and sleet, their intelligent design and masterful engineering mean that they can outperform on dry roads, too.

Thanks to smarter performance, AWD gives you more traction and better control on every type of road, whether it's wet, dry, or even shifting like when driving on gravel or sand.

Subaru Models That Offer Standard AWD

  • Outback wagon
  • Forester compact SUV
  • Crosstrek subcompact crossover
  • Impreza sedan
  • Impreza hatchback
  • Legacy sedan
  • WRX sports sedan
  • WRX STI sports sedan

The Subaru BRZ is the only model that doesn't offer all-wheel drive.

See AWD Subaru models for sale here, or visit All American Subaru to take a test drive in one. Or two!

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